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Soft Xpansion International completed the implementation of the system of electronic document workflow “SX-Business” in the Niva Pereyaslavschini Group of Companies

The Soft Xpansion International has successfully completed the implementation of the SX-Business electronic document management system on the Alfresco Community Editions platform in the Niva PereyaslavschiniGroup of Companies.

The Soft Xpansion Internationalteam has customized processing of incoming and outgoing correspondence, contracts, registring of orders and internal documents (internal correspondence, employee applications, personnel records, accounting documents and assignments), minutes of meetings and automated the personal reception by officials.

As a result of the successful implementation of the project, the Niva Pereyaslavschini Group of Companies already has the opportunity to see the advantages of the system of document management introduced: Savings of employees’ time on operations with documents, as a consequence – the release of time for productive activity, Reduction of printing costs and delivery of paper documents, Preservation and accumulation of corporate information, Creation of a single information space with delimitation of access rights of entities of a group of enterprises, Increase in the speed of information processing, In transparency of information flows, Improved performance discipline and quality of management decisions (through the use of actual data), Implementation of effective mechanisms for collaboration, Ability to control business processing documents in real time.

The implementation of the Soft Xpansion International project took less than half a year, and now the project is in the phase of industrial exploitation and warranty support from Soft Xpansion International. In the future, it is planned to develop the functionality of the Document management system and integration with the accounting system.