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Cryptographic protection

Own encryption provider for the Windows platforms and OpenCS extensions for third-party cryptosystems

Many European financial and legal organizations use their own encryption units and means of cryptography; work with them is only possible from a specific software (no support for standard API). This significantly limits the possibility of using these tools for signature, encryption and two-factor authentication.
Cryptographic is integrated into the whole range of soft Xpansion own PDF products, and is also available as a separate product.
Our own Windows-crypto has been developed, as well as expansion OpenCS-library (implementation of PKCS15 – Standard) to work with more than 40 encryption units and key containers of European manufacturers. This made it possible to use the known software products focused on industry standards – for example, using a crypto has become possible to perform digital signing using the “non-standard” smart cards of PDF-documents directly from Adobe Acrobat.

Electronic signature support in the Perfect PDF and PDF xPansion SDK products

The entire line of soft Xpansion PDF-products (desktop product family Perfect PDF, server products family of soft Xpansion Render Center, a library to work with a PDF documents, SDK for third-party developers – PDF Xpansion SDK) fully implements support for digital signing and encryption of documents in accordance with the PDF-standard.


In particular, it supports:

  • Signing of an entire document or specific pages;
  • Signing documents using keys stored in Windows-store external files, encryption containers, as well as directly with the use of encryption units such as smart-cards;
  • Integration of time-stamp labels in digital signatures from external TS-servers;
  • Verification of digital signature/signatures chains, including an analysis of chains of trusted certificates and certificate revocation lists, the visualization of digital signatures and their status;
  • Encryption the whole document or a part of it in full compliance with the PDF specification.

Server Render Center line solutions come with their own implementation of TimeStamp-server and tools for generation of self-signed certificates (in demand for internal workflow of small and medium businesses).EMC Corporation licenses soft Xpansion PDF SDK for working with PDF-content in the EMC Captiva line of products (including the possibility of a digital signature).

At ING Bank (Central and Eastern Europe), soft Xpansion PDF Render Center server solution is used to digitally sign email sent through the client-bank customers of the Bank.

Using digital signatures of electronic documents in the ECM-banking solutions

Soft Xpansion International is a provider of ECM-solutions for the financial sector (banks and insurance companies), management companies, state and municipal management – archives of legal documents, legal and reference documents, products for credit and insurance automation, products for automation of organizational and administrative documents, products for working with contracts and so on.


Almost all solutions using cryptographic methods, among them:

PJSC “UkrSibbank” (BNP Paribas). Contractual activity automation system
  • Support for two-factor authentication in a web application based solutions “Crystal 1”;
  • Security-administrator functional of the System allows managing user certificates generations, their loading into devices;
  • Organization of a secure channel of business-critical data transfer on the basis of GOST algorithms;
  • Digital Signature approved electronic documents;
  • Verification of a digital signature, digital signature visualization.
PJSC “UkrSibbank” (BNP Paribas). Archive of client cases and operations
  • Creating of archive legally relevant electronic documents:
      – Digital signature of scanned documents.
      – verified digital signature of electronic documents;
PJSC “Dongorbank”. Document management system

    Digital signature of approved documents in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.
CJSC “ING Bank (Eurasia)”

  • Verification of digital signatures on foreign exchange control documents received from customers;
  • Digital signing of documents that are sent to the client through the client-bank related to the document support exchange control operations.
PJSC “ING Bank Ukraine”

  • Digital signing of documents received from the client after verification;
  • Verification of a digital signature, digital signature visualization.
“Kernel Group”

Development and implementation of legally significant document workflow for accounting documents.
Replacing the existing procedure of “paper” agreement and signing of documents on approval of documents in electronic form on SharePoint Online portal.
After the approval process, the documents are singed with digital signature (using certificates/SDK of iFin company); a digital printing of companies/contractors and the time stamp are applied to the document. After that, documents are sent for execution in the accounting system.

The uniform system of local petitions Public budget Petition Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

Used cryptographic algorithms for authenticating users to the resources on Auth 2.0 protocol.
Integration with electronic signature authentication provider that supports the State Standard cryptographic algorithms, income Ministry’s keys, IIT.
Also introduced integration with authentication providers Bank ID. Bank ID from the Private Bank supports authentication by State Standard electronic signature in jks format.

Solution SX-Government – automated document management system for government
  • Digital signing of documents, compatible with almost all commercially available electronic signature service providers
  • Verification and visualization of the status of signature of electronic documents;
  • Interaction via a secure channel with the “Electronic interaction system version 2.0 with the document management systems”.


We have been developing solutions on the OpenText Documentum platform since 1999 and purposefully develop expertise in this area
More than 50 successful projects for major European customers
A full range of services for the development and implementation – from investigation and business requirements to implementation and support solutions
Own infrastructure for the project execution
Most of our experts are working with the platform for more than 6 years, they are systematically trained and their qualification allows them to work with the newest versions / Platforms
Experience in the design and implementation of high-loaded systems (up to 10,000 concurrent users)
Expertise and availability of ready-made solutions for the financial industry, construction organizations, energy companies, government organizations
The system functionality covers the spectrum of the main business processes of organizations and allows to customize business processes and systems to customer requirements

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