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The chain of supermarkets “Leleka” was founded in 2001. It is one of the largest networks in the City of Lugansk. “Leleka” is a big supermarket with floor space more than 1000 square meters and product range including more than 25,000 item names.

Alimentary products and industrial articles of domestic manufacturers and importers are available in a large variety of items in the supermarkets of the chain.

Completed projects:

Electronic workflow system (on the basis of Docsvision)

Implementation results:

  • Industrial commissioning time of 2,5 months
  • Project group of 8 specialists
  • Automation of the clerical office (incoming and outgoing documents)
  • Archive of documents (instructions, regulatory and reference documents)
  • Automation of the organizational and administrative workflow (regulations, orders, protocols, contractual documents)
  • Performance discipline control
  • Reporting

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