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This bank is one of the leading parts of the Ukrainian banking system. Bank services are provided to the Raiffeisen Bank Aval clients through the banking network, which included 931 branch banks, 450 self-service centers and 2,905 ATM as of 1.01.11 over the entire territory of Ukraine. At the beginning of July 2011, the total number of bank clients was over 3.9 million.

Completed projects:

Archive of customer profiles (on the basis of OpenText Documentum)

Implementation results:

  • Construction of the centralized store and of the recording system minimizes the risks related to distributing hard copies, document losses and automated entering and handling documents
  • Automation of the document transfer from the Bank branches (cash collection data, primary registration of documents in the bank branches) and registration of these documents in the regional stores
  • Automation of scanning, handling, safekeeping and searching documents in electronic and physical archives
  • Automation and registration of document suppressions and returns
  • Segregation of levels of access to the attribute data and to the content of documents at the level of bank branches, regional directorates, central divisions of the Bank as well as from the client’s segment perspective (9 segmentation levels) and different functions of Bank employees
  • Aggregation and visualization of analytical reports on customer profiles, on processes being automated and generation of inventories and divergence reports
  • Integration with the existing banking systems for access automation to clients depository system for the Bank employees and extracting the information about clients and about existing contracts from the other banking systems
  • The system provides comfortable working of to 6,000 simultaneous users.
  • The archive contains nearly 3,000,000 user documents
  • On the part of Soft Xpansion Ukraine, to 15 employees participated at different project stages
  • The archive was used as a core of automating the decision-making processes and managing the corporate credits of major corporate clients of the Bank, handling bank orders, administrating credits for small and medium-sized enterprises and private traders.

System of loan application review for large business (on the basis of OpenText Documentum)

Implementation results:

  • Construction of the central store for credit certificates of corporate clients with the purpose of cost saving related to the distribution of paper documents, document losses, as well as to automate entering and copying documents
  • Automation of processes of loan application reviews in the Bank services and departments, of credit decision making
  • Automation of the credit committee work in compliance with the centralization of back-office functions at the regional and macroregional level
  • Performance discipline control in the processes of considering credit memo requests
  • Aggregation and visualization of analytical reports about customers, client groups, client segments and keeping records of credit histories of corporate clients
  • Segregation of the access to the client data dependent on official powers of the system user
  • Automatic and semi-automatic (with subsequent additional filling in) generation of the support documentation
  • Integration with the other banking systems to organize integrating the client data

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