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PJSC Dongorbank (public company Dongorbank) is a part of the finance industry corporation SKM Finance. The bank branches are functioning in ten regions of Ukraine.

The bank clients are individuals and businesses, big corporations and other financial institutions.

As reflected by financial activity index the bank is one of the 25 largest banking facilities of the country.

Completed projects:

Archive of customer profiles (on the basis of OpenText Documentum)

Implementation results

  • 180,000 profiles of personal banking customers
  • 40,000 profiles of business customers
  • 600 simultaneous users
  • 90% of customer paper records are loaded to the system in electronic form
  • Cost reduction by 27,5%

Electronic workflow system “Clerical Office” (on the basis of OpenText Documentum)

Implementation results:

  • The simultaneous work of to 1,000 simultaneous users is supported
  • Operational efficiency increased by 60%
  • Cost saving in the salary budget is estimated in more than 500,000 UAH per year
  • Handling the incoming, outgoing and internal documents
  • Handling the resorts of citizens
  • Handling the orders and instructions
  • Contract management

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