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This is a high-sized manufacturing enterprise leading in the paints and varnishes industry of Ukraine.

Completed projects:

Electronic workflow system (on the basis of Docsvision)

Implementation results:

  • Two business analysts, three developers, one database administrator, one Windows administrator, one implementation engineer and two certified specialists providing technical support took part in the project
  • Initially, this project was developed on the basis of Docsvision 4.5, but during the process of the project implementation a change-over was performed to Docsvision 5
  • The general adjustments of reports, access rights, print templates, controls of adding files, user groups etc. have been carried out
  • Document cards of “Orders”, “Instructions”, “Commissions”, “Internal Notes”, “Contracts”, “Protocols”, “Tasks” were developed and customized
  • The organizational and administrative workflow was automated
  • The mechanism of performance discipline control has been implemented
  • Reporting and document routing have been developed
  • Operations with commissions and tasks have been automated

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