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Completed projects:

Clerical office of the Executive Committee (based on “SX-UA-document workflow management for state organizations” – own development of Soft Xpansion Ukraine company)

Implementation results:

  • Automation of processing the incoming, outgoing, and organizational and administrative documents and other kinds of papers, (the resorts of citizens
  • Possibility to quick pre-register of incoming documents (reservation of registration numbers)
  • Automation of internal correspondence processes between structural divisions of the executive committee
  • Automated coordination of draft documents
  • Automation of the scanning processes, handling, storing and retrieving documents
  • Generation of the electronic archive of customer profiles and its safekeeping
  • Control of implementation of resolutions and commissions
  • Document routing
  • Informing the users about the status of documents, orders and assignments in different ways
  • Automatic generation of reports ready to use
  • Storing and updating regulatory and reference information (classifiers and reference books) with support for heritage and hierarchy

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