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Document management system for Center of Administrative Services “SX-Government: Center of Administrative Services” based on Alfresco platform

Implementation results:
Internal DMS Center of Administrative Services:

  • 70 users
  • Automation of the processing of applications from applicants of administrative services
  • Creation of an e-card by administrator of Center of Administrative Services
  • The ability to preserve information on appeals-consultations
  • The possibility of attracting the specialists of the subject of providing administrative services to DMS
  • The possibility of fixing the provision of intermediate answers by the subject of administrative services
  • Control of processing of references by administrators of Center of Administrative Services
  • Generating work reports
  • Maintain a directory of administrative services with the following data:
    • Terms of implementation
    • List of the necessary documents
    • The amount of payment and the code of classification of budget revenues (for paid services)
  • Automatic generation of printed forms of the following documents:
    • Statement
    • Description of the documents received from the applicant
    • Consent for personal data processing
    • Progress sheet
    • Receipt for payment (for paid services)
  • Automatic generation of the registration number of the case according to the required numbering rules
  • Maintenance of the directory of subjects of circulation: natural persons and legal, entepreneurs
  • Possibility of storing scanned copies of documents in the subject card: passport, an identification number, certificate of state registration, charter, Help from USREOU etc.
  • The ability to scan documents directly into an electronic card and automatically bind to it (without intermediate storage of scan copies to a local disk)
  • The possibility of automatically informing the users of the System via SMS and / or notifications to e-mail
  • Attributive and full-text search of references and documents
  • Maintenance of the directory of personnel
  • Audit the actions of users of the DMS on making changes to them

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