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The implementation of “Electronic document management system and registers for the Lviv City Council.” The system based on Alfresco platform was developed and implemented by Soft Xpansion Ukraine company. The system of the following modules:

  • Paperwork: processing of incoming, outgoing, internal, organizational and administrative documents, generation of the electronic archive, control of implementation of resolutions etc.
  • Handling the resorts of citizens received by post, e-mail, via portal or at the personal reception of citizens
  • Center of Administrative Services: reception of citizens and juridical persons, who have requests for administration services, handling these requests and issuing the final documents and permits
  • Management of personnel and HR documentation, possibility of the inter-office correspondence
  • Calendar of events. Due to this functionality, it is possible to plan meetings, conferences and arrangements, to check the availability of uncommitted resources and time budgets and to assure them
  • Management of Records of admission to an official. It allows to plan records for reception, to create commissions and documents immediately from the reception office

The project were made within the international project “Support for e-government in Ukraine” funded by the Swedish Government, represented by the Swedish International Development Cooperation “Sida” and with the participation of Estonian NGO “E-governance Academy.” Also in the project, this system was implemented in the Ivano-Frankivsk regional state administration, Ivano-Frankivsk and Kalush city councils .

Implementation results:

  • 1 200 users
  • Automate the processing of incoming and outgoing correspondence, appeals, internal documents, orders, protocols, regulations and regulatory documents that include: creation, registration, approval, signing resolutions, implementation, monitoring deadlines, etc.
  • Automatic generation of registration numbers of documents according to the set rules and nomenclature of affairs
  • Center of Administrative Services functionality:
    • Automatic creation of printed application form based on the data entered on the applicant and selected administrative services
    • Automatic creation of the list of documents required depending on the selected administrative services
    • Automatic creation of printed forms received from the applicant’s documents
    • Scanning documents directly from e-cards and automatic linking to it (without intermediate storage on local disk)
    • Automatic email-sending messages and SMS messages informs the applicant on the implementation of administrative services.
  • Automation of internal correspondence between the structural units of the City Council
  • Document approval functionality (parallel and sequential)
  • Automation of scanning, processing, storage and retrieval of documents
  • Generation of the electronic archive of documents
  • Control of resolutions and orders
  • Multi-level delegation resolutions and orders
  • “Manager-Assistant” functionality
  • Employee Substitution functionality
  • Сreate awareness meetings and invited participants functional
  • Functionality for creating documents prepared templates in MS Word
  • The functionality of SMS and email informing citizens of the status of documents and instructions
  • Multicriterion card details search documents and tasks
  • Automated reporting and statistics based document search
  • Keeping and updating information on contractors, the organizational structure of the City Council, referenced data
  • Keeping the different versions of documents
  • Automated processing of Personnel Orders
  • Effective planning and an excellent resource reservation
  • Functionlity for HR-department:
    • Keeping employees cards with full information on each employee
    • A separate archive cards exempt staff
    • Working with the “tree” of the organizational structure

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