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Completed projects:

Clerical office of the Executive Committee (on the basis of Alfresco)

Implementation results:

The composition of the project team: two business analysts, two developers, one database administrator, one Windows administrator, two implementation engineers, two certified specialists providing technical support.

After two months the system was ready for test working, one month later it was ready for trial operation and after the next one month the productive operation could start.

  • Automation of processing the incoming, outgoing, and organizational and administrative documents and other kinds of papers
  • Automation of processing the resorts of citizens and of clients of administrative services, business letters from juridical persons
  • Automated coordination of draft documents
  • Generation of the electronic archive of customer profiles and its safekeeping
  • Document routing
  • Informing the users about the status of documents, orders and assignments in different ways
  • Automatic generation of reports ready to use
  • Control of implementation of resolutions and commissions
  • Audit of user actions of making amendments
  • Storing and updating regulatory and reference information (classifiers and reference books) with support for heritage and hierarchy

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