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UkrSibBank is classified by the NBU (National Bank of Ukraine) as the third largest bank of Ukraine. Today, there are over 1,000 subsidiary banks of UkrSibBank in 183 cities and towns of Ukraine. The main business line of UkrSibBank is providing a wide range of bank services to corporate customers and to retail customers (individuals and medium-sized and small business)

Completed projects:

Archive of customer profiles (on the basis of OpenText Documentum)

Implementation results:

  • This archive contains nearly 10 million documents
  • Up to 1,500 simultaneous users can work with the archive
  • The system is successfully employed in the Bank since 5 years
  • As part of the project, bidirectional integration with the ABS (Automated Banking System) is implemented on the SAP platform enabling both updating the information with the data from the ABS and using the archive from the front system for the primary identification of customers
  • The operating procedures of the Bank back-office division are centralized
  • Substantial saving is achieved by the number of employees involved in documentary operations
  • Substantial reduction of area is achieved which was provided for archive storage.

Archive of regulatory and reference documentation: “Tree of Knowledge” (on the basis of OpenText Documentum)

Implementation results:

  • Getting access to the actual versions of orders, regulations, templates of working papers and educational materials on the Bank products.
  • This solution war considered to be the most useful IT-introduction at the Bank in the year 2011.

Management of repair requests (on the basis of OpenText Documentum)

Implementation results:

  • The entire cycle of handling the requests of the renovation of Bank rooms is automated, which includes:
    • Request initiation
    • Clearing the request and approving the estimate of renovation costs
    • Monitoring of the renovation process
  • Generation of analytical reports on renovations and repairs.

Managing the coordination of contracts in the procurement and administration department of the Bank (on the basis of OpenText Documentum)

Implementation results:

The processes of creating and handling the requests on items originating from the field of responsibility of contract administrators of the Bank are automated:

  • Drawing up contracts
  • Coordination of contracts and registration of signed contracts
  • Searching the contracts under negotiation and the signed contracts and providing the access to them
  • Generation of analytical reports.

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