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Group of companies Soft Xpansion International INVITES TO PARTNERSHIP!

Group of companies Soft Xpansion International INVITES TO PARTNERSHIP!

Information technologies are not just a trend of the 21st century, but an urgent need of the modern world and a sphere of infinite possibilities. This is a unique chance given to a person. And we invite to dialogue all those who are not indifferent to the opening perspectives, who do not want and can not remain aloof from this powerful phenomenon!

Soft Xpansion International activities are built on three main principles: Product, Partner and Consumer. The perfect harmony of these components can become a real source of your success and profit. We clearly structured for ourselves the priorities and tasks that determine the development of the company in the long term, and invite you to share our values and goals!.


Today many enterprises and organizations use our products hourly. This allows intermediary partners to consider themselves an integral part of the daily life of the end user and offers a unique opportunity to significantly improve its quality.

Our progressive SX-Business (for business) and SX-Government (for state bodies) based on Alfresco, software solutions based on Microsoft SharePoint and К2 (for financial, industrial sectors and business) have long gained popularity and are in demand in the market of the latest technologies. So, these are the main components of your success. Skilfully offering and actively selling these products, you can not just maintain, but also strengthen your position in the field of IT services.

Dozens of annual implementations give us the right to guarantee you the gratitude of end users and the profitability of your business.

We offer not only state-of-the-art, high-quality products, but unique solutions that eliminate the real problems of modern enterprises bring to the customers a very specific managerial and financial result: save time and money, positively influence productivity and quality of work, ensure the safety of business processes, increase management efficiency, and so on.

A key advantage is the flexibility and high adaptability of products. We are able to accommodate software solutions to the realities of each company in particular or the country as a whole. Our partners are well aware of the range of tasks and the level of their customers’ needs – we know how to satisfy them at the level of the latest requirements of their time.

We invite to dialogue those who are ready to become our representatives in different countries of the world. It can be either one-time cooperation or partnership for a long time. Soft Xpansion International is open to constructive dialogue and compromise, within the framework of the partnership program it is ready to consider any forms of interaction.

We strive to create unique and optimal conditions for our representatives in order to increase the economic efficiency of joint work..
We guarantee an individual approach, because we are genuinely interested in the successful implementation of each project. The development of mutually beneficial relations with partners is the strategic task of Soft Xpansion International.

Our offices are established in the Czech Republic, Germany and Ukraine. This will greatly facilitate all necessary communications for you and minimize the legal costs.

We feel a powerful potential and are ready to rise to a new level. We do not stop at what we have achieved, but develop and strive for active taking on the market! We invite you to share our ambitious, long-term plans to expand the geographic reach of the application of our products and your talents..

Soft Xpansion International has an impressive experience and modern technologies at its disposal and always acts in the long-term interests of its partners. If you want to become a large, dynamically developing company, then you and we are heading in the same direction. Thanks to deep horizontal integration, we will create a business model for sustainable development and build an optimal partnership model for doing business.

Let’s grow and develop together!



long-term experience in the development and implementation of information management systems and business processes
progressive and relevant software solutions
adaptation of software products and solutions
high professionalism and efficiency
support for partners in the promotion, sale and implementation of systems
a full range of works on the implementation of systems and solutions
individual approach, optimal conditions and transparent schemes of cooperation, effective structures of interaction
flexible pricing that ensures competitiveness in view of the current market situation
adequate response to any unusual situations
the impeccable credibility of a reliable partner.


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