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The specialists of Soft Xpansion Professional Services have many years of experience in developing and implementing a wide range of up-to-date solutions for automating the work of public sector institutions and public authorities at all levels. In this case, decisions can be adjusted according to the current legislation of the country.

Automation of the work of state institutions and organizations

Automation of document circulation and processes of general case management: automation of processing of input / output documentation and internal correspondence, organizational and administrative documents, processing of applications, management of contractual activities, automation of approval of service documentation (standard documents, creation of own routes for document approval and execution of orders).

Automation of administrative and economic activity of state institutions: automation of internal approvals and various types of applications, including applications for ordering meeting rooms and equipment, applications for ordering a car, applications for repairs, cleaning premises, for business trips, for scanning documents, for ordering lunch, etc.

Automation of personnel management and executive discipline of staff: automated meeting management; an employee’s account that provides access to service tasks, documents, processes and other working information; automation of applications for the search of employees, reference to the place of work, applications for leave and approval of the vacation schedule, applications for the transfer of employees within the institution, the dismissal of employees, information management system applications for training personnel.

  Legally significant electronic document management for public sector institutions

The implementation of the system provides rapid agreement, instant signing, safe exchange and reliable storage of various electronic documents in the system that are fully legally valid and recognized by the originals whereby guaranteeing their authenticity and integrity.

Portal solutions for the public sector

Powerful, and at the same time, flexible solutions for ensuring the effective interaction of the state, local community and business in a single electronic information space. Implementation of decisions accelerates communication, improves the efficiency of government agencies, provides transparency and manageability of processes, reliable storage and protection of information. The portfolio of company development is the following portal solutions for government agencies and organizations.

The portal of electronic petitions. A modern tool for electronic filing of individual or collective appeals of citizens to bodies of state power, bodies of local self-government or officials. Promotes the establishment of active communication between the government and society, identifying the most urgent issues at the local and state level, saving money, and addressing these issues.

Portal for project interaction. An innovative tool for collaborating on projects. Allows effective management of project teams, facilitates the exchange of information between the customer and the executor, reliably stores and processes data, automates requests for technical and service support for projects.

Portal for business analytics. A tool for automated electronic reporting of government agencies and state-owned organizations based on the Microsoft Power BI technology platform.

Internal portal. The consolidated internal information environment for public authorities at different levels. The portal has structured placement of materials and documents, organized search system, integration with the collective calendar of the organization. Through the office of the employee provides access to service tasks and tasks, provides the opportunity to work together with documents, communication and instant messaging.

External portal. Provides online access to administrative services and electronic city services. Provides the opportunity for residents to submit electronic applications and statements, making appointments for personal reception of officials, access to official information on receiving administrative services, the possibility of receiving answers and stable documents online.

Electronic archives. Centralized electronic document repositories that have a clear archival structure and provide convenient access, quick search and secure storage of huge number of files:
  • General archive of documents
  • Aarchive of normative reference information
  • Archive of technical and design documentation
  • Archive of primary accounting and financial documentation
  • Archives of legal documentation and court cases
  • Archive of partners and clients (organizations), etc

Service and consulting. Soft Xpansion Professional Services offers consulting services, preparation of a technical task and development of infrastructure projects, development and customization of solutions, or customization of a typical customer solution, warranty support, service and technical support after implementing software solutions and products.

Technologies. Soft Xpansion Professional Services offers solutions based on software platforms: Abbyy, Alfresco, DocsVision, OpenText Documentum, FileNet, K2, Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Captiva, PDF Xpansion, etc.