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Daily routine of managers: how to improve customer service at the bank?

Probably every financial institution wants to develop an effective risk management model and increase its own profitability. Indeed, the requirements of modern competition demand not only to increase product margins, but also to manage costs.

Today, a number of financial institutions face such problems as:

  • Increase of the time to service existing customers
  • Lost of documents or their complicated search
  • Decrease of the customer loyalty to the bank
  • Accumulation of client files that are not sorted as a system
  • Increase of costs

Electronic archive of customer profiles and operations of the company Soft Xpansion International is a cost-effective solution for direct customer that provides secure storage of client files, and its customer-oriented hierarchical structure enables facilitating the search and use of different document types.

The result of implementation:

  • Standardization and unification of processes
  • One-time identification of the client
  • Improved managerial performance
  • Simplified document search
  • Reducing the number of errors in the work and the risk of loss of client files
  • Saving client service history
  • Reduced costs
  • Similar monitoring of SLA and KPI indicators
  • Multiple load model (capacity model)

❗Electronic archive of customer profiles and operations solution fully complies the modern security challenges in data exchange and storage.